Overview of costs

Consulting costs, remuneration, fees, consulting assistance and legal aid

In addition to the Lawyers’ Fees Act (“Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz”, RVG), which regulates the fees incurred by the lawyer according to the amount in dispute, there are several other ways of financing a legal dispute.

If you have any questions about possible costs, please contact me in advance.

1. First consultation

An initial consultation for private consumers may be between 10.00 and 190.00 € without VAT plus possible costs for expenses, such as copies and postage, as well as the statutory VAT. The statutory value-added tax currently amounts to 19%. The maximum cost of an initial consultation with a lawyer can therefore be 249.90 € including VAT (no copying costs).

Higher costs may be charged to tradespeople and self-employed persons. However, I also charge an initial consultation for commercial and independent clients at the same rate as for private consumers.

2. Lawyers’ Fees Act

If it becomes apparent during the initial consultation that legal action appears necessary, the scope of application of the Lawyers’ Fees Act is opened. The resulting lawyer’s fees depend on the so-called object value or value in dispute. This is usually the amount for which the parties argue. For questions that cannot be easily quantified with a sum, there are rules that allow the value to be determined (please contact me).

The costs for the initial consultation will be set off against the fees incurred at the start of business for the client. This means that the client does not pay twice.

3. Fee arrangements

In exceptional cases, but always within the scope of the admissibility according to the Lawyers’ Fees Act, a certain fee can also be agreed between client and lawyer.

As a basic rule, the law office Lüneburg settles accounts via the Lawyers’ Fees Act, as it is transparent for the client.

4. Counselling and legal aid

For persons who are financially disadvantaged, the legislator has created the possibility of providing financial support for legal advice.

In Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, so-called counselling assistance (“Beratungshilfe”) for out-of-court disputes has been developed.

Further information and the corresponding application forms can be found in the service area.

An application for legal aid (“Prozesskostenhilfe”) can be filed for all disputes that make legal recourse to the courts necessary. These application documents can also be found in the service area.