Claims in the event of defects in the rented property, arrears in rental payments, terminations, in particular due to personal use, eviction requests, requests for rent increases, claims for compensation, settlement of ancillary costs, rental security (deposit).

Renovation - Tenant - Landlord

The Federal Court of Justice has ruled that tenants who have already moved into an apartment in need of renovation are not obliged to return the renovated apartment to the landlord upon moving out.

rent control Lüneburg, Lower Saxony

In summer 2016, the rent control is to be implemented in many cities and municipalities in Lower Saxony. Lüneburg, among others, can be considered for this.

Registration Act - Tenant - Landlord

Since 1 November 2015, every citizen wishing to register his or her new place of residence has been obliged to submit a so-called “confirmation of accommodation provider” in accordance with § 19 BMG.