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Passenger Rights

Air passenger rights regulate appropriate compensation payments if an airline is responsible for a delay or flight cancellation.

Diesel driving ban

A car buyer successfully sued a Cologne car dealership for withdrawal from the contract of sale of a diesel vehicle with a defeat-device.

Travelling by motorail train

If the motorail train arrives late, do the same claims for compensation apply as for a package tour?

Fitness Studio Contract

Most fitness contracts run for two years. In the case of a regular termination, notice can only be given at the end of this contract period. …

Right of revocation, regulations, contracts

The Federal Government plans to abolish the regulation to grant the consumer an unlimited right of revocation in the event of incorrect information on revocation.

data flat rate clause

The slowing down of the transmission speed disadvantages the customer unreasonably. The result: clause and data throttling are invalid.

health insurance card

If the health insurance company does not meet a deadline to decide on a benefit application, the application is deemed to have been approved. …