Lawyer for Traffic Law in Lüneburg

Accident regulation, red light offences, speed offences, alcohol driving etc.

„When there’s a bang in the back, there’ll be money in front.“ Unfortunately, this legal saying can only rarely be enforced without problems.

The question almost always arises, who is actually to blame (astonishingly the accident opponent often sees it quite differently).

Don‘t be afraid of the lawyer’s fees

After an accident, people often offer to “just do things that way” for a quick sum of money. This is strongly discouraged!

Many drivers who are involved in a traffic accident do not know this: In the event of a traffic accident that is not the fault of one’ s own, lawyers’ fees are generally part of the costs to be reimbursed by the opposing party’s insurance. In case of personal negligence, the liability insurance pays.

If one is too willing to compensate underhand, one accepts to be stuck on damages discovered later. Many contact damages also appear harmless at first glance, but then turn out to be surprisingly expensive in the repair shop.

As a person involved in an accident, you can commit an insurance fraud if you proceed as described above.

Which accident damages are taken care of by the lawyer

In order to avoid an imminent financial or legal loss, it is therefore advisable to appoint a lawyer to handle and regulate the traffic accident.

Such a settlement regularly includes the assertion and prosecution of damages to the vehicle plus the loss of value suffered and, in the case of personal injury, appropriate compensation for pain and suffering for the driver or third vehicle occupants, the correspondence with the opposing insurance company, the involvement of police investigation files (in the case of one’s own fault, investigation proceedings for negligent bodily injury or fine proceedings are often pending in parallel), the calculation of an appropriate compensation for pain and suffering, the loss of earnings that may have been suffered as a result of sick leave, the costs of a rental car, possible damage to clothing, items in the trunk, etc.).), towing costs, deregistration, the preparation of an expert opinion and all concerns that play a role in a traffic accident.

Representation also in the follow-up matters

If you are also found to be partially or completely guilty, it may also be necessary to seek legal assistance in the subsequent proceedings, for example for red light offences or alcohol driving.

If the other party is making claims, these must be evaluated with regard to the reason for the claim and the amount.

Cyclists can also lose their driving licence

Almost all traffic offences can also be committed by cyclists, which are also subject to the catalogue of traffic fines. It is therefore quite possible for a drunken cyclist to lose his driving licence on a bicycle during a traffic control, the famous “mousetrap”.

Speed trapped – what now?

A speeding offence at a sufficient level often threatens scores or driving bans, which can be reduced or completely averted with the expert support of a lawyer. This can be crucial for the existence of professional drivers or, for example, drivers in the sales force. A taxi driver without a driving licence has to fear the loss of all turnover.

I plead the fifth!

In the case of a traffic accident or an administrative offence, it is almost always advisable to see a lawyer. In any case, it is advantageous to consult a lawyer before filling in the questionnaire and thus possibly create disadvantages for yourself.

Areas of law

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Traffic Law

Accident regulation, red light offences, speed offences, alcohol driving etc.